A Picture Is Worth More Than 1,000 Words

For years, cameras have been used in pest management. It started with fuzzy pictures of pests, then, as technology improved, clearer pictures of pests. Cameras document conducive conditions for a pest infestation and provide a record of current issues. Along the way, as technology progressed,   found that trail or game cameras could be used […]

Going Digital

There are many digital innovations that have brought improvements into our lives which save us time, energy, and money. Our cell phones have great cameras that allow us to take pictures to identify insects. We can use apps to help us avoid traffic and get to accounts faster. There are even online trainings that we […]

3 Key Accounts Where Digital Pest Control Works Best

Many commercial accounts can benefit from having digital pest control devices for rodents. The premise is simple: a rodent enters a station or a trap, sets off an alert, and you get a message in real time. The technology is state of the art in identifying rodents and sending alerts. Using the data and responding […]